'Tetris' Graphic Novel Reveals Strange but True Story of the Classic Game (Exclusive Art)

Tetris comic - H - 2016
Box Brown/First Second
Box Brown's 'The Games People Play' peels back the origins of the iconic video game.

It's one of the most beloved — and addictive — video games in the world, but there's a lot more to Tetris than simply making sure that the building blocks fit together. First Second's new graphic novel, Tetris: The Games People Play , puts some of those pieces together, and Heat Vision has an exclusive preview.

The nonfiction release, written and illustrated by New York Times best-selling author Box Brown, doesn't just trace the origins of the game, created in the mid-1980s by Russian programmer Alexey Pajitnov — a diversion from his day job at the Academy of Science of the USSR; it also looks at bigger picture, and considers the importance of gaming in life, culture and commerce.

Wide-ranging in scope and filled with fascinating history and theory, the graphic novel Tetris somehow manages to be as fun as its namesake, thanks to Brown's focus on breaking everything down into its component pieces and building it back into something new in front of the reader, as can be glimpsed in the four-page preview below.

Tetris: The Games People Play is available in bookstores today.