Comic-Con: Life-Size Lego Thanos Statue Coming to San Diego (First Look)

Lego Thanos - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Marvel
It took 418 hours to design and build the model.

Thanos is coming to Comic-Con.

Lego, which is already bringing a strong set of exclusive collectibles this year, is debuting a life-size statue of the villain seen in the 2 billion-grossing Avengers: Infinity War.

The statue stands about eight-and-a-half feet tall, contains 91,350 bricks and weighs 450 lbs. The company says it took Lego Master Builders 418 hours to design and build the model.

The statue will stand at the Lego exhibit in the San Diego Convention Center. Check out a time-lapsed video of Thanos' creation below.

In addition to having a strong convention center presence with life-size models and a play area, Lego is coming to Comic-Con with a forceful set of exclusive offerings. Among the sets is an 197-piece Aquaman set inspired by the 1960s cartoon (Aquaman is getting a big push this Comic-Con due to his movie coming out in December), a Giant-Man and the Wasp set as well as a Millennium Falcon cockpit set from Solo: A Star Wars Story. Black Lightning, Unikitty and Sheriff Deadpool are the mini-figs being dangled in front of collectors.