'The Expanse' Replicas Coming from Hero Collector

Expanse Eaglemoss Reveal
Hero Collector
The pop culture replica manufacturer will produce a line based on vehicles from the sci-fi series, starting next year.

Pop culture collectibles manufacturer Hero Collector continues to expand its footprint via a new agreement with Amazon Studios to create replicas of the ships from the fan-favorite series The Expanse.

Debuting on Syfy in 2015, The Expanse is based on the novel series of the same name by James S.A. Corey. The show follows a group of characters throughout the now-colonized solar system trying to uncover the truth behind a conspiracy that could destroy an already fragile political Cold War and ignite open conflict. The series was picked up by Amazon in 2018 for a fourth season, with a fifth season renewal announced in mid-2019.

The series features a number of ships, including the Corvette-class frigate the Rocinante, the quarter-million ton Donnager, flagship of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy, and the sinister Protogen stealth frigate Anubis. As part of the new agreement, Hero Collector will release die-cast models based on these vehicles and more, with each accompanied by a magazine featuring behind-the-scenes information about the show and interviews with designers.

Hero Collector’s The Expanse models will join replicas based on properties including Doctor Who, Star Trek, The Walking Dead and characters from both Marvel and DC’s comics and movies. The line will debut in 2021.