'The Hunt Is On' Launches New Fantasy Graphic Novel Series

The Hunt is On Announcement
Nie Jun/Graphic Universe
The March release begins a four book series from the creator of the critically acclaimed 'My Beijing: Four Stories of Everyday Wonder'.

My Beijing: Four Stories of Everyday Wonder was the critically acclaimed 2018 debut of cartoonist Nie Jun, with the collection of stories set in a small Beijng neighborhood nominated for an Eisner Award and selected as a Batchelder Honor book. In March, Nie Jun returns with an ambitious new project titled Seekers of the Aweto — a four-volume graphic novel fantasy series set in medieval China.

The first volume in the series, The Hunt is On, introduces readers to Xinye and his brother Oiliu, both of whom are “seekers” — hunters of the plantlike Aweto, which has the power to cure sickness and is rumored to offer eternal life. The origins of Aweto are mysterious, but when Xinye discovers the offspring of a deity that makes the substance, he’s forced to become its reluctant caregiver and protect it from incoming threats, whether it’s other seekers or more dangerous thieves.

Published by Graphic Universe, an imprint of Lerner Publishing Group, the series is translated from the original Chinese, and features a recreation of medieval China featuring Jun’s watercolor landscapes, intricately created maps, and newly created magical creatures.

The Hunt is On will be released March 2 in mainstream bookstores, appearing in comic book stores the following day. Look below for a preview from the volume.