Thomas Wilson Reprises 'Back to the Future' Villain Biff Tannen

The character called in to a supplemental episode of Josh Gad's 'Reunited Apart' for a surprise appearance.

Hey, think, McFly, think. 

Thomas Wilson reprised his Back to the Future role of Biff Tannen for a supplementary segment of Josh Gad's YouTube series, Reunited Apart, that posted on Thursday. 

Earlier in the week, Gad hosted a Back to the Future reunion of the cast and crew for his popular new series, which raises money for first responders during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Nearly all the actors took part, but Wilson was absent. 

However, during a "fan calls" session, Gad heard from one disgruntled man in a mask and glasses who, right off the bat, called him a "butthead." 

"Best character in the film, by far, nowhere to be seen," Wilson's Biff said. "Legends don't just grow on veins," he added, mixing his puns in classic Tannen fashion. 

"You do a Tom Wilson/Biff Reunited Apart and like 100 people would tune in to that," the character argued. Gad noted his Back to the Future episode got more than 1.2 million views. "Oh, a million? Where'd that get you?" Biff snarled, to which Gad said, "Well, on this call with you." 

When asked to say something nice, the Back to the Future villain encouraged people to donate to Project HOPE, which is Gad's fundraiser recipient. "Anyone who can, and doesn't give, is a butthead." 

Biff capped the call by telling Gad to "Make like a tree, and get out of here" and, "Say hi to your mom for me" — two of his classic lines. 

Watch the full segment below.