'Thor: The Dark World' Featurette Teases 'Operatic' Sequel (Video)

Behind-the-scenes look teases new worlds and new challenges awaiting Marvel Studios' Thunder God in November's follow-up to "Avengers."

The sneak peak at Thor: The Dark World from the upcoming Iron Man 3 DVD and Blu-ray has debuted online, offering up some new footage and a few new hints about what to expect from the second solo outing for Marvel's God of Thunder.

According to star Chris Hemsworth, the new movie sees Thor "becoming king, and coming to terms with the responsibilities that becoming king carries," and that learning curve isn't limited to the movie's lead; director Alan Taylor promises that "part of the adventure of this movie is to go beyond what we knew before, so we will be off-world a lot more, we will be discovering more of the Nine Realms."

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"As we leave Avengers and Iron Man 3, the spectacle and the size is going to allow Thor to go back to his own world," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explains, while Natalie Portman talks about a scale that's both "operatic" and "epic," and Tom Hiddleston teases "action set pieces that are intrinsically cinematic" and a film that is "beyond any of [his] expectations."

All of these interviews are set against scenes from the movie that mix images from the trailers -- The mysterious object that seemingly sails through the ground, Thor and friends fighting helmeted opponents, Jane Foster in Asgard -- with brand-new material that may include the clearest look at Christopher Eccleston's Malekith yet. The end result? A pretty impressive tease for the next movie -- if one that, yet again, suggests that a Loki movie might be more fun, overall.