'Thor: The Dark World' Mocked in Honest Trailer (Video)

"Thor is back in another perfectly adequate Marvel movie," declares the narrator of the comedy series.
Jay Maidment/Marvel
"Thor: The Dark World"

Thor: The Dark World is poised for its home release later this month, which means it's time for the team at Honest Trailers to make fun of the Marvel studios sequel.

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"Thor is back in another perfectly adequate Marvel movie," says the narrator, who goes on to mock all of those Avengers references (but no actual Avengers, besides Thor), as well as Thor's obsession with Natalie Portman and the idea that anyone would trust Loki at this point in the game.

"When he's not battling yet another forgettable bad guy, watch as the mighty Thor mopes around Asgard in a snuggy because he's still hung up on a girl he spent one long weekend with and hasn't called in two years," says the narrator.

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Honest Trailers already tackled the first Thor film, dubbing it a new kind of superhero movie -- one that's neither awesome (like The Dark Knight) or terrible (like Catwoman), but is somewhere in the middle ("meh," as the narrator put it).

Watch the trailer below.