Mark Ruffalo (Adorably) Wraps on 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Bruce Banner, say it ain't so!
Courtesy of Instagram/markruffalo

Nothing gold can stay, much to the chagrin of Mark Ruffalo, who recently wrapped production on Thor: Ragnarok

The third Thor film has been shooting in New Zealand — a production that has been well-documented on Instagram and Twitter by the cast and crew. 

Ruffalo commemorated his time on set with several Instagram posts, including selfies with director Taika Waititi, co-star Chris Hemsworth (and his short hair) and one with the big, green guy himself with a caption that reads, "Laugh now, cry later." 

Even though Hulk has wrapped, there is still more filming to be done on Ragnarok, which will see the return of Hemsworth and the God of Thunder, along with franchise newcomers Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum and Tessa Thompson, the latter of whom will be playing the heroine Valkyrie.

Audiences can get in on the fun when Ragnarok hits theaters Nov 3, 2017.

See Ruffalos' social media-fueled farewell below.


Waititi and "Ruffles" on the set of #Thor3 last day. Had such a great good fun time making this movie. Thanks @taikawaititi @chrishemsworth , @tessamaethompson @marvel for the love and the laughs.

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Laugh now, cry later.

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#Thor3 On set behind the scenes. @chrishemsworth

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