Marvel Launching 'Thor vs. Hulk' Digital Comic Series

Thor vs Hulk Cover - Publicity - P 2017
Courtesy of Dan Mora/Marvel Entertainment
The miniseries will debut on ComiXology next month ahead of 'Thor: Ragnarok.'

Even before Thor and the Hulk face off as intergalactic gladiators in the film Thor: Ragnarok in November, the two titans will clash in a new digital comic book, Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe, set to launch next month.

The new series — part of Marvel's recent deal with ComiXology that sees the title debut as an exclusive digital release available for free to ComiXology Unlimited subscribers — will be written by Jeremy Whitley, with art by Simone Buonfantino and Alti Firmasyah, and will find the two heroes being forced to compete by one of the cosmic "Elders of the Universe," a la the new movie. This time around, however, it's not the Grandmaster who's behind events, as in Ragnarok — it's the pugilistic Champion.

"Thor is a god, Hulk is a colossus," Whitley said in a statement from the publisher. "Now the Champion of the Universe is looking for an opponent and Hulk and Thor are the top contenders. So rather than fight them both, the Champion's new promoter has set up a series of contests which Hulk and Thor must complete to decide who will face [him]."

Each issue of the miniseries will feature Thor and the Hulk transported to a new location inside the Marvel Universe with a new trial to overcome. "Readers will get to see some of their favorite elements of the Marvel Universe and a handful of new ones," Whitley explained. "It's a love letter to two of the strongest Avengers and the wonderful universe they live in."

Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe launches Sept. 6 on ComiXology and Kindle.