'Thor' Screenwriter Responds to Honest Trailer Parody (Video)

Revealed: Kenneth Branagh's problem with hammers and the secret inspiration for Loki.

What happens when one of the screenwriters of Marvel's first Thor watches the Honest Trailer for the movie? Secrets are revealed, and mistakes admitted. "We referred to Odin as the Fred Sanford of the Marvel Universe," Zack Stentz confessed in conversation with the the Honest Trailers team.

That's not the only thing Stentz — who not only co-wrote Thor with partner Ashley Edward Miller, but also X-Men: First Class and the upcoming Power Rangers — shared during the interview, which you can see in full below. Also revealed: Director Kenneth Branagh's desire to change the name of Thor's magic hammer because "Mjolnir" was too hard for people to pronounce, and Marvel's directive to the writers before they started work on the 2011 movie.

"They already knew at that point, 'We're building toward The Avengers,' and they said, 'Guys, if you fail at everything else, give us a villain as good as [X-Men bad guy] Magneto,'" the writer said — not that that was all that the studio had to say about the writers' plans, however. "The problem that we kept encountering was that Thor didn't have a force of opposition when he was on Earth," Stentz explained, saying that he and Miller wanted SHIELD to take that role. "There was a lot of skepticism from the Marvel people at first, because they were like, 'Well, but SHIELD are the good guys!' That was something they went from being skeptical about to really getting on board with."

Watch the video below, courtesy of Screen Junkies, and enjoy Stentz's ability to laugh at (and, occasionally, agree with) criticism of his work.