'Thor: Tales of Asgard' Clip (Video)

Thor Animated Art 2011

Soon, the world will be inundated by many things Thor, as Marvel Studios will release one of this summer’s first big movies featuring the Norse god of thunder May 6.

One of those things will be Thor: Tales of Asgard, from Marvel Animation and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

The title is the latest from Marvel’s animated line of original features and hits shelves May 17.

Ironically, the synergy of live-action and animation is being mirrored by Warner Bros. and DC, who are timing the release of their original animated movie, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, with the Ryan Reynolds live-action movie (June 7 and June 17 are the release dates respectively). It'll be interesting which will be more successful.

Tales of Asgard tells the adventures of a young Thor. Here’s a clip, timed for April Fool’s Day, that features the shenanigans of Loki: