'ThunderCats' Fan Masterfully Recreates Cartoon's Intro in CG

Thundercats - Photofest - H 2020 - 1598109329
Pacific Animation Corporation/PhotoFest
The timing of the video is somewhat serendipitous as Hulu recently added both the original cartoon and reboot. 

ThunderCats, Ho! A fan of the classic '80s cartoon ThunderCats (which also had a 2011 reboot) recently recreated the show's intro in full CG — and it's masterful.

A little more than a week old, the YouTube video by Mike Booth has more than 600,000 views. Booth also posted a separate video in which there is a split between the cartoon intro and his CG intro to show it is a shot-for-shot remake.

"The ThunderCats have been a love of mine since I can remember and the intro is something I thought would be a fun challenge to recreate and keep my interest while I was learning the software," Booth wrote in the video's description. "I will at some point make a ThunderCats short film, making use of some of the years of notes I've kept for a feature trilogy, but I'll wait until the software reaches a point where I can film a performance on my camera and just drag and drop it onto my 3D characters."

The timing of the video is somewhat serendipitous as Hulu days ago added both the original ThunderCats cartoon and reboot.

ThunderCats, based on the characters created by Ted "Tobin" Wolf, ran from 1985 to 1989.

Watch Booth's video below.