'The Tick' Costumes, Props Hit the Auction Block (Exclusive)

The Tick auction - Publicity - Split - H 2020
Courtesy of Heritage Auctions
More than 100 pieces from the 2016 Amazon Prime series are up for grabs, with online bidding starting today.

Fans of the comedy superhero series The Tick will get a chance to take pieces of the Amazon Prime show home when costumes and props from the comic adaptation hit the auction block today.

Presented by Heritage Auction and Screenbid, 129 pieces — including full costumes, masks and models, blood-stained ponchos and AEGIS ID cards, weapons, watches and even bags of chips — from the series will be up for grabs, running online at HA.com until May 27.

The series, which starred Peter Serafinowicz as the earnest and naive hero created by Ben Edlund, lasted two seasons and developed a cult following, as most things associated with The Tick do. The indie comic attracted a cult following in the late 1980s and 1990s, as did a mid-'90s Fox Saturday morning cartoon and a really short-lived 2001 live-action series that starred Patrick Warburton.

Costumes and props available include the following:

  • The bulked-up synthetic rubber-and-cloth getup complete with cowl and gloves worn by Serafinowicz;
  • The Moth costume, complete with hooded gray jumpsuit, leg padding, four pairs of gloves, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards and a pair of size 8 shoes plus his trademark wings-storing backpack and a fake sword, all in good condition;
  • Season two’s Lobstercules costume that includes the mask, cowl, back armor, chest plate, shoulder and bicep pads, body suit, size 14 boots and, of course, stunt claws;
  • Overkill's uniform, in perfect condition, and including a large muscle suit, a large black bodysuit, the tactical undershirt he wears under his body armor, size 32 black pants, medium black compression pants and other items. The ensemble also includes his vest with armor, Overkill's utility belt and a bandolier fully stocked with ammo;
  • Overkill's masks, including one worn during season two, are available separately, as is a season one stunt mask.

"Things can either be venerated or rot away, and any sustained interest in something like this only means it made a real connection," Edlund said in a statement in advance of the auction. "One of the things about doing this show that was really wonderful was the amazing artists who came together and made all of these ideas into realities. The idea that it's going to continue to provide enjoyment is for the best."