'Time Runs Out' For Marvel's Avengers in September

Storyline will jump eight months into the future and reveal Marvel's comic book universe for 2015, according to publisher.
Jim Cheung/Gabrielle Dell'Otto/Marvel Entertainment

Marvel is preparing to give fans a glimpse into its future.

“Time Runs Out,” a storyline running through the September issues of Avengers and New Avengers, will take readers eight months into the future to tease the final arc from writer Jonathan Hickman, which itself sets up the status quo for Marvel’s superhero publishing line moving forward.

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In a statement from Marvel, editor Tom Brevoort said that the issues will “be providing a glimpse into the immediate future of our characters and what changes await them over the course of the next eight months of publishing. This isn’t some maybe-future; this is the real deal, what’s awaiting the Marvel Universe in the coming year.”

It’s worth noting that the cover for New Avengers #24 by artist Gabrielle Dell’Otto features the character Thanos prominently. That character, of course, was teased at the end of Marvel’s first Avengers movie, the sequel to which will be released in May 2015 — or eight months in the future from the September release of this storyline.

Avengers #35 and New Avengers #24, both written by Hickman with interior art by Jim Cheung (Avengers) and Mike Deodato (New Avengers), will be available digitally and in comic stores in September.