'Tis The Season for New 'Superf*ckers'

Superf*ckers Save Christmas Cover - P 2013
<p>Superf*ckers Save Christmas Cover - P 2013</p>   |   James Kochalka/Top Shelf Comix
Top Shelf Productions celebrates the most wonderful time of the year with a new 16-page outing for James Kochalka's foul-mouthed superhero team.

The wonderful tradition of the holiday comic book is one that's almost disappeared in recent years, with DC Entertainment's DCU Holiday Specials vanishing with the launch of the New 52 and Marvel's digital holiday specials having ceased some time back. Luckily, there's one comic that offers the old-school thrill of the sight of the season being saved through superheroic violence.

Superf*ckers Save Christmas -- yes, that is the real title, down to the asterisk instead of the letter "u" -- was released digitally by Top Shelf Productions yesterday, bringing creator James Kochalka back to the critically acclaimed superhero parody series for his first new comic contribution in three years. (In the meantime, he has been working on the animated adaptation of the series, as well as other comic properties.)

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The publisher's description of the title asks "CAN Wonder Kyle teach his teammates the true meaning of Christmas? WILL Jack Krak find the perfect tree for the team pageant … through violence? DOES this comic contain 16-plus all-new pages of idiotic brilliance?" before answering "Yes, yes, and yes!" It may not be Superman speeding across the world to help Santa on his one-night mission, but really: Who can resist this kind of seasonal cheer?

The digital one-shot is available via ComiXology.