Titan Comics to Reissue 'The Prisoner' Sequel, 'Shattered Visage'

The Prisoner - Publicity - P 2018
The comic book series, the first officially-licensed sequel to the cult TV show, was personally approved by franchise creator Patrick McGoohan.

30 years after it first appeared, the first sequel to classic series The Prisoner is returning. On Friday, Titan Comics announced at San Diego Comic-Con that it will be bringing The Prisoner: Shattered Visage back to print for the first time since its original publication.

The comic book series, which debuted in 1988 from DC Comics and was the first official follow-up to the cult thriller TV show, is the work of Dean Motter with co-writer Mark Askwith. As part of the contract for original publication, Shattered Visage was approved not only by ITC Entertainment — which created the original 1960s television series — but also by series creator and star Patrick McGoohan, despite the comic book sequel suggesting that “Fall Out,” the final episode of the television series, was little more than a drug-fueled hallucination.

Featuring both McGoohan’s Number Six and Leo McKern’s Number Two, the central character of Shattered Visage is nonetheless a new secret agent, Alice Drake — who, notably, shares a last name with McGoohan’s earlier character from the series Danger Man, John Drake — who accidentally discovers the Village, as well as its true purpose.

In a statement supporting the re-release, Motter said, “When I was approached to do a series based on The Prisoner, I leapt at the chance. It was one of my favorite TV shows when it first aired… My thinking turned to doing it as a post-modernist fable — one that took place in the current era, but that would reopen the questions from the original saga. However, doing the research was going to take more resources than I had — so I drafted my friend and colleague, Mark Askwith, to help me with that aspect of the project. It became a collaboration almost instantly. I am honoured to see it re-presented as part of Titan's ongoing celebration of The Prisoner's ongoing 50th anniversary.”

The Prisoner: Shattered Visage continues Titan’s line based on the classic TV series, created under license of ITV Studios Global Entertainment. Previous releases have included the all-new miniseries The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine, as well as The Prisoner Art Edition, showing material from Jack Kirby, Steve Englehart and Gil Kane adapting the series into print officially for the first time.

The reissue of The Prisoner: Shattered Visage will be available to order later this year.