Titan to Launch New 'Doctor Who' Comics

Its publisher will debut a monthly series focusing on the David Tennant and Matt Smith versions of the character this summer.
Courtesy of Alice X. Zhang/Titan Comics

Matt Smith may have regenerated into Peter Capaldi in the last episode of the BBC's Doctor Who, but the Eleventh Doctor lives on -- as does the Tenth -- in two new series from Titan Comics to launch this summer.

Instead of one single Doctor Who series, Titan's Who line launches with two ongoing monthly titles, centering on the most recent versions of the long-running character: Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor by Nick Abadzis and Elena Casagrande, and Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor by Al Ewing, Rob Williams and Simon Fraser.

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Details of the plots of the first storylines for each title are being kept under wraps for now -- as are any plans for a surely inevitable series based upon Capaldi's current incarnation of the character. (That, presumably, will be kept back to coincide with the actor's first season later this year.) Both Doctor Who series will debut in comic stores and digitally on July 23.