When Titans Clash: Mr. Incredible Convicted Following Batgirl Assault

The Incredibles Mr Incredible Still - H 2015
<p>The Incredibles Mr Incredible Still - H 2015</p>   |   Courtesy of Everett Collection
When cosplay goes bad

It’s the superhero clash that no-one saw coming: Disney’s Mr. Incredible taking on Batgirl — except that, instead of taking place in the four-color pages of the latest comic book event, it all happened on Hollywood Boulevard.

The LA Times reports that Muhammet Bilik, who dresses as the patriarch from Pixar’s The Incredibles to entertain tourists, faces three years probation and 36 anger-management classes following his conviction Tuesday of attacking another entertainer dressed as DC Entertainment’s super heroine on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last October. In a video of the scuffle, uploaded to YouTube, it takes the combined might of Chewbacca, Freddie Krueger and Waldo (of Where’s Waldo fame) — or, at least, actors wearing their costumes — to break things up.

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Bilik’s sentencing also requires him to avoid the Hollywood Entertainment District for the length of his probation, meaning that Mr. Incredible will be missing from the tourist attraction for the next three years — or, at least, performed by someone hopefully less likely to attack a fellow crime fighter.

In a statement following Bilik’s conviction, city attorney Mike Feuer said that the Walk of Fame is “famous around the globe and attracts millions of visitors every year. We must keep it safe. The characters who interact with children and family along Hollywood Boulevard have to obey the law.” To say nothing of defending it, when it comes to those cosplaying as superheroes. Somewhere, someone who performs as Elastigirl is shaking her head disapprovingly.

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