TKO Studios' 'Sentient' Brings a New Generation Into Science Fiction

Sentient cover-Publicity-H 2019
Gabriel Walta/TKO Studios
The new series by Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta will be released in its entirety this summer.

In space, no one can hear you scream. Or cry. Or any of the other sounds people might connect with young children. In TKO Studios’ upcoming sci-fi series Sentient, that might be a problem when a sentient spaceship has to deal with a passenger list filled with children. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive preview of the new series.

The premise of Sentient is simple: When all the adults onboard the U.S.S. Montgomery are left dead, it falls to the ship’s onboard AI Valerie to keep the remaining passengers — the crew’s children — alive, even as they discover that there’s more to fear in space than than they’d previously believed.

Sentient is the latest work by writer Jeff Lemire, known for varied projects including Essex County, Sweet Tooth, Descender and his Black Hammer series for Dark Horse Comics. Art on the series comes from Gabriel Walta, the critically acclaimed co-creator of Marvel’s 2015 series The Vision with Tom King.

The six-issue series will be part of the second wave of releases from the Los Angeles-based publisher, which debuted its first four series in December. Unlike other comic book publishers, TKO Studios offers series directly to customers in multiple formats, including single-issue print and digital editions, as well as collected editions, all available simultaneously at launch.

Sentient will be available in July.