Tom Cruise Goes Rogue in 'Oblivion' Trailer (Video)

Oblivion Trailer Screengrab - H 2013
<p>Oblivion Trailer Screengrab - H 2013</p>   |   itunes
The sci-fi thriller from "Tron: Legacy" helmer Joseph Kosinski also stars Morgan Freeman.

Tom Cruise falls deeper into interplanetary intrigue in the new Oblivion trailer.

It starts off well enough for Cruise’s Jack Harper, with the drone repairman shooting hoops by a scenic lake and listening to vintage tunes on vinyl. But this is Earth 60 years after an alien attack destroyed half the planet, and Harper is one of the few remaining humans on the planet. In a few weeks, he'll join the rest of humanity somewhere off-planet.

“It doesn’t seem right. We won the war, and now we have to leave,” observes a New York Yankees-cap wearing Harper.

VIDEO: Tom Cruise Discovers Dangerous Secrets in 'Oblivion' Trailer          

Harper spots some sort of craft falling from the sky, and when he goes to investigate he’s attacked by what appears to be killer robots. Soon Harper wakes up to Morgan Freeman creepily lighting a match to reveal himself and a room full of others. He tells Harper he’s been lied to. At that point in the trailer, Harper is off and running, looking to unravel the mystery.

Universal Pictures’ big-budget sci-fi film from Tron: Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski also stars Olga Kurylenko (Quantam of Solace) and Andrea Riseborough. It’s slated to hit Imax screens April 12 and traditional theaters April 19.