Move Over, Robocop: Tom Cruise Suits Up in First Image From 'All You Need Is Kill'

All You Need Is Kill Cruise Robot Fire - P 2012
<p>All You Need Is Kill Cruise Robot Fire - P 2012</p>
In the sci-fi blockbuster, the star relives the same horrific day fighting aliens over and over again.

Does Tom Cruise have your attention?

It's hard not to take notice of the first official image from Warner Bros.' upcoming sci-fi actioner All You Need Is Kill.

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It would be enough if the megastar was simply outrunning a massive fireball, a look of steely determination on his face. But then there's that mecha-armor he's wearing, like something James Cameron would doodle on a cocktail napkin.

Based on a novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the movie is directed by Doug Liman (Swingers, The Bourne Identity) and set in a near future where "a hive-like alien race" called the Mimics destroy Earth.

That's where Cruise comes in, playing Lt. Col. Bill Cage, an undecorated and ill-equipped soldier dispatched on a suicide mission against the enemy that winds up killing him -- over and over again.

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That's because contact with the alien race has placed him into an infinite time loop, requiring him to relive the same horrific day repeatedly -- each time gaining a little more skill and smarts. If you've ever pressed the reset button hundreds of times on your favorite first-person shooter until you became a deadly pro, then you know where he's coming from.

The film also stars Emily Blunt, yet another sci-fi mindbender for the actress after this year's Looper.

All You Need Is Kill is a long way away, however -- it's set for a spring 2014 release. Until then, Cruise will appear in a couple of other tentpoles: spy thriller Jack Reacher hits theaters Dec. 13, followed by Oblivion, a space-set film from Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski due out April 12.

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