Tom Hanks Shares Disney's Strict Rules for 'Toy Story 4' Media Tour

Tom Hanks on Jimmy Kimmel Live! — Publicity — H 2019
"Do you know how many executives right now want to kick my ass because I brought this out?" the actor admitted during his Thursday night appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Tom Hanks may not be a stranger when it comes to promoting his myriad of films, but the actor revealed that he has to abide by strict rules when discussing Toy Story 4 thanks to Disney.

"I have these talking points that Disney gives you at the beginning of the press junket thing and these things are like Gutenberg Bible stuff," Hanks said during his visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night. 

"Look at how many times I've studied them... I've spilled some tomato juice on it at one point," he added while holding up the two sheets of paper that outlined the things he's allowed and prohibited to say. 

Hanks then provided some listed examples of things he's not allowed to say including, "Don’t discuss Woody —" and "Please don’t share that —," he said while humming the finished sentences, instead of sharing the actual words. 

"They also give you sample questions, which you have yet to ask my friend," Hanks added, while poking fun at Kimmel. "This is both for me and Tim Allen." An example question included: "Can you talk about how Buzz is learning to listen to his inner voice?" with another question also inquiring about Woody's reunion with Bo Peep. 

Of Bo Peep, Hanks explained that Disney provided a thoughtful answer to say when describing the character. "Bo Peep should be described as a strong character from the beginning. Her recent experience perhaps made her strong, but she was never a weak character," he recited from the sheet of paper. 

While fun to share, Hanks acknowledged that he may get into trouble with Disney for sharing. 

"Do you know how many executives right now want to kick my ass because I brought this out? They have an entire division over there. It's called Disney Corporate Vertical Integration Marketing Division," Hanks said, before asking Kimmel whether he's ever received the guided sheets of instructions. 

"I laughed really hard at it and I never looked at it again," Kimmel admitted. 

Hanks also decided to poke more fun at the late-night host by reading a surprising note Disney gave him for any time he would make an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! "When doing Kimmel, please do not mention the Academy Awards. What's that about?" Hanks asked. After Kimmel questioned why they would add that note, the actor replied: "You got bounced, my friend!" 

With fans anticipating the fourth installment of the popular franchise, Hanks celebrated Toy Story 4 for adding new talent in Tony Hale, Keanu Reeves and Carl Weathers. Though he's starred as Woody since the original film, Hanks revealed that Toy Story 4 may be the best film in the franchise. 

"I know it sounds ridiculous because I’m in it, but it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life." 

Hanks also revealed that he didn't know Weathers was in the film. "We never see each other. We maybe will run into each other when somebody's session finishes and the other is waiting to go on, but at the premiere I saw Carl Weathers and I had to go shake the man's hand because not only was he Apollo Creed, he was Action Jackson," said Hanks.

The actor also revealed that he named the character Combat Carl, who is voiced by Weathers, during the recording sessions for the first Toy Story. "They would explain to me a bunch of the toys, this that, and they said, 'There will be a G.I. Joe figure, but we can't call him G.I. Joe," he said. "I said, 'Well, how about Combat Carl?"'

Toy Story 4 hits theaters June 21. 

Hanks later opened up about his job as a vendor at the Oakland Athletics' games when he was 14. "I'm thinking that it would kind of be like from a TV show where everybody helps out the young kid," he said. "First of all, I got robbed twice. Note to self, hide those wads of cash."

"Then I came across professional vendors that did not like the fact that kids were there," he said. "So I'm 14 years old and a guy probably in his late 50s is yelling at me. 'Hey, kid. That was my sale. I was coming down the aisle. You took my sale.'" He added that his competitor forced Hanks to buy a bag of peanuts from him in order to make up for the stolen sale.

Later in the appearance, Kimmel talked about the actor's reputation for being an all around good guy. To prove that Hanks is not quite as perfect as he appears, Kimmel challenged him to steal a cardboard cutout of himself from a store across the street.

"The only thing I'm gonna get arrested for is being too charming," Hanks said as he exited the studio.

He addressed many pedestrians on the street before he made his way into the store. Once inside of the store, Hanks was immediately spotted, as shoppers pulled out their phones to take pictures of him.

Hanks went up to a woman from New Jersey and asked how long she has been with the man standing next to her, who was visiting Los Angeles with his wife from Australia. "Now you two have got to get together," he told the strangers after he jokingly pushed the man's wife out of the way.

After failing to set up the strangers, Hanks made his way to the celebrity cardboard cutouts and looked at the group of stars. He pulled out a cardboard cutout of Kimmel's rival Matt Damon and blacked his tooth and drew over his eye before he wrote "I'm a dope" across his forehead.

"I agree with that so much and I feel like it's actually worth more now," said Kimmel, who was watching Hanks from the studio.

Once Hanks found his cardboard cutout, he declared, "I'm Tom Hanks and I'm stealing this stand-in." He grabbed a handful of fake Oscars and confidently walked out of the store as shoppers took videos of him.

Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez waited for Hanks to exit the store and held onto the cardboard cutout as the actor approached two women on Hollywood Boulevard. "You want to meet a guy from Australia who's looking for a new wife?" he asked.

Hanks also stopped to buy sausage from a street vendor before he returned to the studio.

"I thought you were rich, Mr. Tom," Rodriguez told Hanks during their walk. When Hanks said that he is rich, Rodriguez questioned why he would steal. "I'm comfortable," he responded.