'Tommy Gun Wizards' Comic Book Mixes Magic and Mobsters

Tommy Gun Wizards-Publicity -H 2019
Christian Ward/Dark Horse Comics
Christian Ward and Sami Kivelä will retell the story of Eliot Ness and the Untouchables with a twist, starting in August.

Eliot Ness became a real-life American hero for his work bringing down Al Capone in prohibition-era Chicago alongside his Untouchables — special agents who worked for two years to tackle organized crime in the city. But what if Capone was dealing in something far more dangerous than booze? Tommy Gun Wizards, a new comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, will pull the curtain back on a magical alternate history starting this summer.

The four-issue series is set in an alternate 1930s Chicago where the tipple of choice is magic, rather than alcohol, thanks to a drug that gives anyone who takes it magical powers (at a price, of course). As a result, the city is filled with wannabe wizards and monster mobsters — all of which make Ness’ job a lot harder as he and the Untouchables work to take on the mob.

Tommy Gun Wizards marks the comic book writing debut of Christian Ward, previously known for his art on titles including Invisible Kingdom, ODY-C and Marvel’s Black Bolt. He’ll also contribute artwork for backup stories throughout the series’ run, with art on the main story in each issue coming from Sami Kivelä (Boom! Studios’ Abbott). Colors for the series come from Ward and Dee Cunniffe.

Declan Shalvey (Ignition, Marvel’s Return of Wolverine) will provide a variant cover for the series’ first issue.

Tommy Gun Wizards will debut in comic book stores and digitally Aug. 28.