Tommy Wiseau Re-creates 'Dark Knight' Interrogation Scene — And It's Pretty Good

And of course his 'Room' co-star Greg Sestero is a part of the project as Batman.

Tommy Wiseau plays one good Joker — actually, one great Joker. 

The creator of The Room already pretended to be the classic Batman supervillain once for an audition tape, but he went all out recently in a short film made by The Nerdist in which he and friend/acting buddy Greg Sestero re-create the famous interrogation scene from The Dark Knight

The scene is a little more than four minutes long and features all the dialogue from the actual Christopher Nolan film. Wiseau's unique acting style is perfect for this moment. He is creepy and unnerving, but nothing feels awkward. 

And Sestero does a decent Batman, too, although it seems like he is trying to channel his inner Christian Bale, while Wiseau — director and star of the best-worst movie ever made, The Room — is doing his own thing entirely.

Both actors have been under-the-radar celebrities for years thanks to The Room, but they entered the mainstream last year thanks to James Franco's The Disaster Artist — which was based on a book Sestero wrote about the making of the cult classic

Most recently, Wiseau and Sestero starred together in a new film, Best F(r)iends, a black comedy about a drifter and a quirky mortician who befriend one another. The film is directed by Justin MacGregor with a screenplay by Sestero.

Watch the Wiseau and Sestero's Dark Knight re-creation above.