Tony Hawk Video Game Doc 'Pretending I'm a Superman' Drops Trailer

Tony Hawk - Getty - H 2020
VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images
The film, which explores how Hawk's video games influenced the sport, debuts Aug. 18.

Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, the most recognized name in the sport, is the subject of upcoming feature-length documentary Pretending I'm a Superman, and The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive first trailer. Directed by Ludvig Gür, the doc tells the story of how Hawk's skateboarding video games went on to influence the evolution of the sport.

Exploring the skateboarding scene from the early 1980s onward, the trailer features archival footage and a slew of skateboarding athletes including Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Chad Muska, Rodney Mullen and more, who give a raw picture of what the community was like back then: social, inclusive, like a fun, backyard club. 

"Kids were into it, you know, because their parents hated it," says Hawk. But in the '90s, something changed in the skateboarding scene and an "us versus them" mentality emerged.

"I was a fading vert [vertical] skater, my income was getting cut in half every month, and so I started doing whatever I could," says Hawk. And around that time, says former Neversoft producer Scott Pease, there was an idea "in the halls of Activision" to do a skateboarding video game. 

The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game series (which are now getting HD remasters) — which debuted in 1999 — would go on to revitalize the real-life sport and make household names of many of the skaters featured in the game. Says Mullen: "It was nuts what that game did not just for skateboarding but for us as individuals."

Pretending I'm a Superman releases on digital platforms on Aug. 18. View the trailer below.