Top Selling Comics of 2018 Revealed (Exclusive)

Action Comics 1000 cover-Publicity-H 2019
Jim Lee/DC Entertainment
'Action Comics' No. 1000 was the best-selling single issue of last year, while Marvel's 'Infinity Gauntlet' collected edition was the best-selling collection, according to Diamond Comic Distributors.

In his 80th anniversary year, DC Entertainment’s Man of Steel has proven himself to still be the top superhero, with Diamond Comic Distributors announcing last year’s Action Comics No. 1000 as the top-selling comic of 2018.

The oversized special edition, which featured writer Brian Michael Bendis’ debut on the Superman franchise ahead of his Man of Steel relaunch last summer, was the best-seller in a year that saw single issue comic book sales rise 3.3 percent compared with 2017 sales, according to Diamond. It also helped DC become the number two publisher of 2018, with two additional books in the year’s Top 10 issues — Batman No. 50 (The non-wedding issue) and The Batman Who Laughs No. 1.

The number one publisher of the year was Marvel Entertainment, with an impressive seven books in the top 10. Fascinatingly, four of those comics come from the same writer, with Dan Slott’s Fantastic Four No. 1 and the final three issues of his Amazing Spider-Man run (Nos. 798-800) all placing on the chart. Marvel’s other titles are the post-Slott relaunch of Amazing Spider-Man No. 1, Venom No. 1 and Return of Wolverine No. 1.

When it comes to graphic novels and collections, Marvel tops the top 10 with its Infinity Gauntlet collected edition reissue, but is otherwise absent from the chart; DC again places three titles, while Image Comics lands six. (Four of Image’s six titles come from the same writer: Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga places three times, and the first volume of his Paper Girls also shows up.) While single issue sales rose in 2018, graphic novel and collector's edition sales dropped 6.6 percent compared with the previous year.

Diamond’s sales charts are compiled by the company based upon orders made by retailers across North America and the rest of the world, in addition to other outlets that purchase stock through the company.

The full top 10 for 2018 single issues is:

1. Action Comics No. 1000 (DC Entertainment)
2. Amazing Spider-Man No. 800 (Marvel Entertainment)
3. Batman No. 50 (DC Entertainment)
4. Fantastic Four No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
5. Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
6. Return of Wolverine No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
7. Venom No. 1 (Marvel Entertainment)
8. Amazing Spider-Man No. 798 (Marvel Entertainment)
9. Batman Who Laughs No. 1 (DC Entertainment)
10. Amazing Spider-Man No. 799 (Marvel Entertainment)

The full top 10 for 2018 graphic novels and collections is:

1. The Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel Entertainment)
2. Saga Vol. 9 (Image Comics)
3. Saga Vol. 1 (Image Comics)
4. Saga Vol. 8 (Image Comics)
5. Action Comics: 80 Years of Superman (DC Entertainment)
6. The Walking Dead Vol. 9: Lines We Cross (Image Comics)
7. Paper Girls Vol. 1 (Image Comics)
8. Batman: White Knight (DC Entertainment)
9. Dark Nights: Metal Deluxe Edition (DC Entertainment)
10. Monstress Vol. 1 (Image Comics)