'Total Recall' Star Jessica Biel Says 'There Was Nothing Girly' About Fight Scene with Kate Beckinsale (Video)

Jessica Biel Total Recall Junket
The actress stars as Melina, a member of the Resistance, in Len Wiseman’s reboot.

In actions films, women don't always get to shine in the fight scenes, and are instead often relegated to playing second fiddle to a leading man. However, in Total Recall, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale prove that a fight between two women can be just as tough and explosive as any other fight on the big screen.

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In Sony’s reboot of the 1990 film, the two strong female actresses are pitted against each other, leading to an adrenaline-pumping fight in a futuristic elevator.

“From the very beginning, it was very clear, that we weren’t going to be creating some sort of cheesy, pseudo-sexual fight -- which is like my nightmare,” Biel tells The Hollywood Reporter. “That’s not the kind of fight I want to have.”

Biel plays Melina, a member of the Resistance who rescues Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) after he discovers that his whole life is a lie that’s been implanted in his brain to bury the fact that he’s a lethal agent with the power to go up against the evil government.

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Douglas and Melina go up against Douglas’ fake wife, an agent named Lori, played by the unstoppable Beckinsale.

Biel tells THR that her fight scene with Beckinsale wasn't meant to be a "girl fight" in a cheesy way, but just a really good fight scene.

"We wanted it to be completely gender neutral and anyone watching this fight to go, 'Wow that it totally brutal and it's hardcore," she says, adding that there was "nothing girly" about their knock down, drag out battle.

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Biel's character also brings the love story into the film, which is directed by Len Wiseman. Melina tries desperately to get Douglas -- whose memory was erased and replaced with a false life -- to remember her.

"What would you really do if this was the person and he really didn’t remember you?" she says. "It’s the biggest nightmare isn’t it?"

Total Recall opens in theaters on August 3.

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