'Total Recall' Trailer: Colin Farrell, a Broken Marriage, and Unusual Anatomy (Video)

Sony offers a closer look at their remake of the sci-fi thriller, due in August.

Colin Farrell must be very confused.

As the star of Total Recall, he's had his whole world turned upside down: his marriage is a sham; he's being told that his actual body is stuck inside some sort of dream chamber; he's not sure of his identity; and he's begun to encounter women with anatomies far different than what one might find in biology text books.

Of course, we've been here before; the film is a reboot of the 1990 flick starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (trying to compare the two stars may get a bit confusing, too). Farrell is joined in this new, Len Wiseman-helmed production by Kate Beckinsale (his wife-ish), Jessica Biel (an impressive, gun-toting pilot), and Bryan Cranston (in angry pursuit).

The film hits theaters on August 3.