Tracy Morgan Answers an Age-Old Question: Who Is Captain Kirk's Best Friend?

Thanks to Tracy Morgan, the set of Fist Fight was an educational one.

Director Richie Keen stopped by The Hollywood Reporter to talk about his new R-rated comedy, which stars Charlie Day and Ice Cube as high school teachers that are fated to fight on the last day of school. 

Fist Fight also stars Jillian Bell, Kumail Nanjiani and Christina Hendricks, and marks Morgan's first film since his near-fatal 2014 car accident.

During filming, Keen remembers Morgan dispensing his wisdom to his co-stars, as well as the hundreds of teenage extras on-set. "Tracy Morgan would finish a scene, he'd take off his button down shirt and his mic and would be walking around in a tank top going, 'Who's Captain Kirk's best friend?' "  

Keen (and everyone else on set) guessed Spock, like many a logical human being would.

Morgan's response: "Nuh-uh. Spock calls him 'captain.'  You don't call your best friend 'captain'. But Bones says 'Dammit, Jim!' And you can only say 'Dammit, Jim!' to a captain if he isn't your best friend."

Keen adds that when he first met with Morgan, the Saturday Night Live alum offered some theories on the Han Solo and Chewbacca friendship as well, adding, "He's also got a whole thing on the Godfather."

Fist Fight opens this weekend in theaters.