Trailer Report: 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Final Preview Tops Week

The Amazing Spider-Man 2's final coming attraction notched 7.5 million views on YouTube to be the week's most viewed preview, according to technology company Zefr, which tracks the numbers. 

Trailers for dystopian thrillers The Giver, in the second spot, and The Maze Runner, in the fourth spot, also debuted in the top 10. New trailers for Godzilla (No. 5), the kiddie found-footage thriller Earth to Echo (No. 6) and Brick Mansions (No. 7) also made the cut. In total, six of the 10 most viewed previews made their debut last week. 

The drop-off between the first and second spot and the second and third spot was steep. The Giver did 4.2 million views on YouTube, a bit more than half of Spider-Man 2's number. Guardians of the Galaxy at No. 3 did 2.4 million views (for a total of 24.9 million since its Feb. 18 debut), again a bit more than half The Giver's 4.2 million. 

The third through 10th spots were tightly bunched, with about 1.4 million views separating No. 3 Guardians and No. 10 Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which notched 979,961 views. 

Both Spider-Man and Godzilla had two trailers in the top 10: Godzilla's second trailer -- which has 30 million lifetime views since its Feb. 25 debut -- sat at No. 8, and Spider-Man 2: Official Enemies at No. 9.