Trailer Report: 'Godzilla,' 'TMNT,' 'Days of Future Past' Dominate the Week

The three movies each placed two previews in this week's top 10 and "[REC] 4," a Spanish horror movie, became the rare foreign film to make the Hollywood-dominated list.

Three pair is an impossible poker hand anywhere but in trailer land as Godzilla, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-Men: Days of Future Past each placed two coming attractions in the top 10 most viewed for the week. 

Godzilla’s new international trailer led the pack with 5.1 million YouTube views in its first week, according to technology firm Zefr, which tracks the numbers.
In the fifth spot was Godzilla’s extended look trailer with 1.2 million views. It has racked up a total of 9.6 million YouTube views since its release on April 6. 
These Godzilla trailers have been killer so far. The new international trailer is great because it offer a pretty good look at the film's other creature, a winged pterodactyl-like monstrosity. Yes folks, Godzilla is introducing us to at least two monsters, who go toe-to-toe (or maybe snout to beak?) in the film, resulting in immense amounts of destruction. Plus, the previews have done a great job hinting at the movie’s underlying theme: The arrogance of man is thinking nature is in our control, and not the other way around. All told, Godzilla has had one of the best-executed trailer campaigns of any summer movie. 
In the second spot was the new TMNT trailer with 3.2 million YouTube views. The first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer was in the eighth spot with 891,474 views for a cumulative total of 47.8 million views since its March 27 release (making it one of the two or three best-performing summer trailers. THR will have a cumulative summer top 10 Memorial Day weekend). 
TMNT has been the summer trailer surprise, holding its own against higher-profile comic book releases like X-Men: Days of Future Past and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And the first trailer has proven to be more than a passing fancy, making regular appearance in the top 10 in the six weeks since its release.
The showdown between TMNT, which opens Aug. 8, and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which bows Aug. 1, should be interesting and points toward a very robust late-summer box-office take. 
Two X-Men: Days of Future Past trailers also landed in the top 10.  X-Men trailer No. 3 held the sixth spot (1.1 million weekly/15.9 million cumulative) and trailer No. 2 held the 10th spot (696,529/23.1 million). The movie, which combines the casts of the original X-Men trilogy and the First Class reboot in a time-travel extravaganza, opens on May 23. 
In the third spot is the first trailer for [REC] 4: Apocalypse, a movie that will be unfamiliar to American audiences but is popular in Europe. The last two films in the Spanish found-footage horror series have grossed $27,000 and $9,600 in the U.S. but $18.4 million and $10.1 million abroad, performing particularly well in Spain, Turkey, France and Mexico. 
The [REC] 4 trailer notched 1.6 million YouTube views, making it the rare foreign film to crack the Trailer Report top 10. (I can’t think of another example in the last year).
The new extended trailer for The Fault in Our Stars held the fourth spot with 1.3 million YouTube views. The drama about two teens with cancer that meet and fall in love, based on the beloved and best-selling John Green novel of the same name, is shaping up to be the summer’s counterprogramming hit. 
The movie got an early PR push this week, a month ahead of its June 6 release, with big stories in THR (our story here) and Entertainment Weekly and an appearance by Green on the Today show, which selected Fault as its May book club read. 
Also making appearances in the top 10 were the horror film As Above, So Below at No. 8 (752,566/6.5 million) and Transformers: Age of Extinction at No. 9 (734,352/33.9 million).