Trailer Report: Second Preview of 'Godzilla' Crushes Competition

Godzilla's second trailer really burned the competition in its first week.

The preview for the reboot of the famous flame-spewing lizard drew 26.3 million YouTube views in its debut, according to technology firm Zefr, which tracks the numbers.

Those first-week numbers crushed the opening weeks of other big-budget movies coming this spring and summer. For example, the Amazing Spider-Man 2's trailer did 19.7 million first-week views, the best among the trio of 2014 Marvel comics-based movies.

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The Godzilla trailers have been a master class in how to pimp a monster movie. The teaser offered just enough of the creature to satisfy long-time fans but not so much as to spoil all the surprise. This trailer is really brilliant. Lots of awesome destruction porn, little teases of the monster and a good helping of star Bryan Cranston work together to build excitement without actually spoiling anything. Well done, Warner Bros and Legendary. Well done, indeed. I for one can't wait for the movie to open on May 16.

Guardians of the Galaxy held the second spot, a week after it debuted at No. 1. Marvel's space epic notched a very respectable 3.4 million YouTube views (which just adds to the understanding of the Godzilla juggernaut). A new Amazing Spider-Man 2 preview -- this one centered on Electro (Jamie Foxx) -- debuted at No. 3 with 2.6 million views. No other new trailers debuted among the top 10 most-viewed previews.

The big news in the second five was 300: Rise of an Empire, which held the fifth (Trailer No. 2), sixth (trailer No. 1) and tenth (trailer No. 3) spots. The three trailers combined for just over 3.8 million views in advance of the movie's March 7 opening.