Trailer Report: 'Interstellar' Soars With 19.5 Million Views in First Week

The second-most-watched clip was the teaser for Disney's "Cinderella," which was just 60 seconds of a CGI glass shoe.

Fans got a first look at Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan's Insterstellar, and anticipation for this shrouded-in-mystery November sci-fi epic made it the most viewed trailer for the week ending May 19. It amassed 19.5 million YouTube views, according Zefr, the technology company that tracks viewership on the platform. 

Interstellar had the best first week since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer notched 31.4 million views when it debuted at the end of March. 

The trailer makes the plot a bit more clear -- Matthew McConaughey flies into space to save the human race as Earth is dying, leaving behind his young daughter (who grows up to be Jessica Chastain!) -- but it is still hard to figure out exactly what kind of movie we're going to get.

Best guess? Contact but with McConaughey playing the Jodie Foster role this time. Go back and watch Contact again; it's a pretty darn good movie.

In the second spot with 6.2 million YouTube views was the teaser trailer for 2015's Cinderella. This thing really put the "tease" in teaser. It's basically one minute of a CGI glass shoe. Again, 6 million people watched a rotating glass shoe for one minute and 6 seconds last week. Wow. 

Led by the new coming attraction for Transformers: Age of Extinction (4.0 million views), the final eight spots in the weekly top 10 were all summer movies: Deliver Us From Evil, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Edge of Tomorrow, Rage, Guardians of the Galaxy and in the No. 9 and No. 10 spots the second and third X-Men: Days of Future Past previews, each with 1.2 million YouTube views.