'Transcendence' Teasers: Is A.I. 'Path Toward Annihilation'? (Video)

UPDATED: The first full trailer for the Johnny Depp drama has been released.

Editor's note: The first full trailer for Transcendence has hit online (see above). The original post is below:

The mysterious campaign for Johnny Depp's Transcendence continues with two new teasers.

The first features a voiceover from Morgan Freeman, whose character waxes philosophical about what artificial intelligence would mean for humanity.

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"For 2 million years, the human brain has evolved more than any species in existence," Freeman says. "But what if all our knowledge, all our accomplishments, and all our achievements could be learned in mere minutes? What if humanity's next evolution wasn't human at all? What happens when artificial intelligence becomes self aware? Is it the key to immortality, or is it the path toward annihilation?"

The second teaser features a digitally altered voice from an anti-A.I. group called Rift. The voice warns that A.I. will destroy humanity and urges people to stop the scientists creating it. The teaser also features a URL to a new site, EvolutionWithoutTechnology.com.

The sci-fi drama is being directed by Wally Pfister, who won the cinematography Oscar for Inception.

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The film sees Depp play a researcher obsessed with creating a sentient artificial intelligence.

Transcendence also stars Rebecca Hall, Paul Bettany, Kate Mara and Cillian Murphy. The film is being distributed by Warner Bros. and hits theaters April 18, 2014.

Watch the two new teasers below, and see Depp's original teaser here.