'Transformers 3's' Shia LaBeouf: 5 Things to Know

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As Michael Bay's action film hits theaters today, check out a few fun facts about the star.

Shia LaBeouf stars in Transformers: Dark of the Moon out in theaters Wednesday. Here are a few things to know about the actor.

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1. He says Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be his last in the franchise. "I just don't think right now there's anywhere to take Sam," he told MTV News. "I've learned a great deal from [director] Michael [Bay], as a person, as an actor, as a person on set. And it's not that I don't enjoy working with Michael. I love working with Michael. I would do any movie Michael wants to do. I just don't think there's anywhere to take it with Sam."

2. He first became known for appearing in Disney Channel series Even Stevens, for which he earned a Daytime Emmy Award. His first film was 2003's Holes. The next year, he directed his first film, Lets Love Hate. He has said he got into acting to help his family pay the bills.

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3. He found an agent through the Yellow Pages after calling up and pretending to be his own manager, he told Parade magazine.

4. He completed the 2010 L.A. Marathon in March 2010 in four hours, 35 minutes and 31 seconds.

5. He's had a few run-ins with the law. In November 2007, he was arrested for trespassing at a Chicago Walgreens drug store. The charges were dropped about a month later. In March 2008, an arrest warrant was issued against him after he failed to show up in court to face an unlawful smoking charge. The charge was later dismissed and he paid a $500 fine. On July 2008, he was arrested for misdemeanor drunk driving after getting in a car accident; his license was suspended for a year, and he's undergone multiple surgeries on his left hand, which was injured in the accident. In February 2011, he got into a fight with a person at a bar in Sherman Oaks. He was placed in handcuffs and questioned by the Los Angeles Police Department, but released without being arrested.


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