'Transformers: Beast Wars' Comic Launching in 2021

Transformer Beast Wars Reveal
Josh Burcham/IDW Publishing
The new IDW series comes as the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary.

IDW Publishing has announced plans to celebrate next year’s 25th anniversary of Transformers: Beast Wars — the 1990s reinvention of the classic franchise — with an all-new comic book series launching in early 2021.

The new series will be written by Erik Burnham (Transformers/Ghostbusters) with longtime Transformers artist Josh Burcham on board to illustrate. The two will reintroduce the future tribes of Cybertron — the heroic Maximals and villainous Predacons — and mix familiar faces with new characters as Optimus Primal, Rattrap, and friends set out to stop the Predacons from using a stolen time machine.

Beast Wars is a beloved part of the Transformers legacy,” editor David Mariotte said in a statement. “That’s why we couldn’t pass up launching a new series in tandem with the 25th anniversary! Erik and Josh are going to take everything that’s beloved about Beast Wars — the characterization, the drama, the jokes — and start fresh with a series that will feel at home for fans of 25 years and first-timers alike.”

The series will launch in February, with a first issue featuring covers by Burcham, Pico Ossio, Dan Schoening, and Nick Brokenshire. Below, Burcham and Brokenshire’s covers for that issue, as well as Winston Chan’s cover for the second issue.