'Transformers' and 'G.I. Joe' Explore Shared Universe in New Comic Book 'Revolutionaries'

New monthly series will team multiple Hasbro properties on an ongoing basis.
Courtesy of Fico Ossio/IDW Publishing

When IDW Publishing's Revolution comic book launches later this month, it will bring together a number of brands that will form the nucleus of Hasbro's upcoming cinematic universe: Transformers, G.I. Joe, Micronauts and ROM. Today, the publisher revealed that this teaming will not be a temporary one with the announcement of a new ongoing comic book series, Revolutionaries.

Created by Revolution writer John Barber and artist Fico Ossio, the new series will feature characters from the Transformers, Action Man and G.I. Joe franchises, forming a new group that will include rotating guest-stars from the worlds of ROM, Micronauts and MASK: Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, investigating a mysterious plot spinning out of the Revolution storyline.

The new series will lead what IDW is calling "the first wave of post-Revolution titles," as the publisher — which has been working on Transformers comics since 2005 — establishes a shared universe for the multiple Hasbro properties in advance of the creation of a similar space on the big screen.

Revolution, the five-issue series setting up the new universe, launches Sept. 14, with Revolutionaries beginning in December.