Michael Bay's Next 'Transformers' Movie Villain Revealed

Transformers: Age of Extinction Art - P 2014
<p>Transformers: Age of Extinction Art - P 2014</p>   |   Paramount Pictures
Michael Bay's final movie in the series will resurrect an old threat.

Something wicked this way comes…back.

The march toward next year's Transformers: The Last Knight is well underway, with a new teaser announcing the imminent start of production on the movie and revealing a new face for an old menace due to return in the June 2017 release.

The teaser was itself given a teaser late last week, with a short video released via Twitter spelling out "I'm coming for you May 31" via Morse code:

That would apparently be a nod to this new tease:

Who is that new Transformer? Turns out, it's not a newcomer at all — the same tease, released on Michael Bay's Instagram feed, revealed that it is a redesigned Megatron, the villainous robot from the first three Transformers movies.

"It's starting. This week production," the Instagram caption reads. "Megatron is back." After a brief shoot in Cuba, production on the movie is set to begin in Detroit later this week. 

Does this mean that Megatron is the last knight of the movie's title? Not necessarily. Not only does the Transformers movie mythology include "The Knights of Cybertron," a group tasked with defending the all-powerful All Spark from being used for nefarious purposes, recently revealed plans to build a cross-franchise Hasbro movie universe mean that ROM — whose subtitle is "The Space Knight" — might be introduced into proceedings earlier than expected.

Transformers: The Last Knight will open June 23, 2017.