Who Really Likes the 'Transformers' Movies?

According to data from Ranker, people who love the franchise also rate Owen Wilson as Hollywood's greatest actor and 'Suicide Squad' as their favorite movie.

The Transformers movies are one of those great mysteries of franchise filmmaking. Now on their fifth installment, they have all been undeniable hits, having collected $3.7 billion worldwide (and much more coming, with Transformers: The Last Knight now in theaters).

But it's also a particularly divisive series, at least among film writers and critics. So who are the die-hards, who can't get enough of robots fighting robots?

To shine some light on this question, the team at Ranker Insights took a look at people who rank the Transformers movies as among their favorites, to see what else they liked.

The results?

Well ... people who like Transformers also consider Man of Steel the "best movie of all time," Owen Wilson our "greatest actor," and Milla Jovovich the "greatest actress." 

"Our data had much to say about Transformers fans, most notably that their taste preferences tended to skew towards what some might consider 'guilty pleasures,'" says Ravi Iyer, chief data scientist at Ranker.

Other findings from Ranker on what Transformers fans consider the pinnacle of pop culture:

Favorite movie: Suicide Squad

Favorite TV show: Supernatural

Favorite musician: 50 Cent and Linkin Park

Greatest film score: Armageddon

There's a lot more to dig in to, and you can check it out below: