'Trick 'r Treat' to Get a Sequel

Thomas Tull Headshot - P 2012
<p>Thomas Tull Headshot - P 2012</p>   |   Getty Images
The surprise announcement was made by Legendary CEO Thomas Tull at a special screening of the cult horror movie at Beyond Fest.

Trick 'r Treat is getting a sequel.

The announcement was made by Legendary CEO Thomas Tull at a special screening and Q&A event for the movie at Beyond Fest, held at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre.

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The horror anthology written and directed by Michael Dougherty and made by Legendary has garnered quite a cult following for a movie that never got a theatrical release. (Warner Bros. was to have released it but backed out.)

Made in 2007, the movie starred actors such as Brian Cox, Anna Paquin and Leslie Bibb and told four stories held together by the appearance of Sam, a silent little … thing in an orange suit and a burlap-sack mask who is a creepy embodiment of the spirit of Halloween. 

At Monday's event, in a nicely choreographed bit, Sam came out during the panel portion and showed a title card that said, "Make a sequel."

Dougherty responded by saying it wasn't his call but rather Tull's. Tull, in the audience, then said he couldn't say no to Sam and made his announcement to the crowd's great delight, according to witnesses.

No other details emerged, but it is expected that Dougherty will return to write and direct a new anthology and that Bryan Singer, also in attendance at the screening, will return as producer.