SXSW 2012: 'The Raid' Composer Joe Trapanese is Taking on 'TRON: Uprising'

After orchestrating Daft Punk's score for 2010's "TRON: Legacy," Trapanese is taking on the music for Disney XD's upcoming spinoff animated series.
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After orchestrating Daft Punk's score for 2010's "TRON: Legacy," Trapanese is taking on the music for Disney XD's upcoming spinoff animated series.

Although Daft Punk got the lion's share of the credit for the score to 2010's TRON: Legacy, there were a lot of other talented artists working behind the scenes to help the electronic duo translate their dancefloor-friendly sound into something suitably dramatic. Joe Trapanese was the pair's orchestrator, and he now succeeds them in the TRON saga as the composer for TRON: Uprising, a prequel series that connects the dots between the original 1982 TRON and its long-awaited follow-up.

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Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Trapanese at the South by Southwest film festival about his work with Mike Shinoda for The Raid: Redemption, Gareth Evans’ forthcoming action thriller. Additionally, he offered some insights about what fans might expect when TRON: Uprising debuts in the summer of 2012 onDisney XD.

The Hollywood Reporter: What do you have lined up after The Raid? We understand you are doing some more TRON-related work.

Joe Trapanese: Yeah, as a composer I'm composing music for the show TRON: Uprising, which is actually an animated series that delves into the TRON world and it occurs between the original movie and the new movie, and really develops our characters and goes in a different place and it's very exciting to explore that world a little bit more.

THR: For your Uprising music are you using the framework of what Daft Punk and Wendy Carlos did in TRON and TRON: Legacy, respectively? Is it maybe a combination of things, like using Alexander Courage's original Star Trek theme and combining it with Jerry Goldsmith or James Horner's film scores?

Trapanese: Well, that's where the magic is, and that's what makes it so exciting -- that you come into this show excited about the legacy and the framework that you're working in. But what's cool is that we have a long season; we have a lot of episodes to get through, a lot of characters to develop, and what's great about that is you can take that framework that Daft worked so hard on in the film and then explore that. And you can take that story [by] Joe Kosinski and Sean Bailey and Justin Springer in the new film, plus the story of the original film, by Steve Lisberger, put them together and explore it in all sorts of ways that they couldn't even imagine. So its kind of the best of both worlds. You're kind of working within a really strong framework and really strong legacy, but you're also exploring it in ways that you're finding new creativity at every turn.

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THR: How much recognition will feel fans of the films experience in your music? Will it at all be the same, or will it be a totally separate score in the way Clone Wars was as a series to the Star Wars films?

Trapanese: I think if you enjoyed the score for TRON: Legacy, you'll very much enjoy the score for TRON: Uprising.

  • Todd Gilchrist