'Tron: Uprising' Soundtrack Premiere: Action in the Grid (Exclusive Audio)

Tron Uprising Still - H 2012
<p>Tron Uprising Still - H 2012</p>
As the animated series reaches its apex, Disney XD is teasing out some of the electronic beats that keep Beck and company charged up.

Here's an early Christmas gift from The Grid.

With Tron: Uprising, the 2D animated series that bridges the gap between the cult original Tron movie and the 2010 follow-up, heading toward the end of its first-season run, Disney XD is making moves toward releasing its EDM-centric soundtrack. Composed by Joseph Trapanese -- who arranged Daft Punk's hit soundtrack for Tron: Legacy -- the Uprising score extends the computerized audio adventure even further, stretching out over 18 episodes.

The show stars Elijah Wood as the voice of Beck, a rebel leader fighting against Clu within the computer mainframe world of oppression. Code-named Renegade, he is the apprentice of Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) and co-worker of Mara (Mandy Moore) and Zed (Nate Corddry). The show chronicles the battle for freedom that was waged before Garrett Hedlund joined Jeff Bridges in Legacy. The Hollywood Reporter is premiering the track "Goodbye Renegade."

A second sequel for the film franchise was recently announced.

"With animation, we’re not hindered by the limitations of visual effects and real world stunts. The scope can be much bigger," Trapanese said of working on the cartoon. "Through the two years of collaboration with Daft Punk, we found a balance of electronics and orchestra that worked very well for The Grid, and I've tried to build on that. The remixes for the show are from artists whom I have a great respect for, and Cole’s track is added on as his unique, artistic reaction to what we’ve been doing.”

The soundtrack is now available for preorder on iTunes.