'Truth in Journalism' Short Teases Spider-Man Villain (Video)

<p>&nbsp;TRUTH IN JOURNALISM still - H 2013</p>
Producer Adi Shankar follows up 'The Punisher: Dirty Laundry' short with another fan film about another favorite Marvel Comics character.

We're still a year away from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 release, but if Sony is already considering potential spin-off material, producer Adi Shankar has thrown his hat into the ring, focusing on one of the many other faces in Spidey's own private universe.

Truth in Journalism, written and directed by Knights of Badassdom's Joe Lynch, follows up on last year's Dirty Laundry, the Shankar-produced short that saw Thomas Jane return to the role of Marvel's Frank Castle, aka the Punisher. This time around, though, it's Eddie Brock -- played by True Blood's Ryan Kwanten -- that's in the spotlight, being shadowed by a film crew as he slowly unravels before something … bad happens.

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(No spoilers, but the name "Eddie Brock" might be enough to tip the Spider-faithful off to what happens at the end.)

In an interview with Collider, Shankar said that the philosophy behind these web-only fan films was simply to "make something cool" for the fans. "I'm making these for the 14-year-old me," he explained. Well, the 14-year-old in him and many, many other people, I'd bet.