'Twilight Man' Pulls Back the Curtain on 'Twilight Zone' Creator Rod Serling

The Twilight Man- Publicity - H 2019
Koren Shadmi/Humanoids
Cartoonist Koren Shadmi has crafted a biography of the pioneering television writer.

It’s been six decades since the world first visited a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. As The Twilight Zone celebrates its anniversary, comic book creator Koren Shadmi has turned his attention to the man behind the show, with a new biography of Rod Serling titled, suitably, The Twilight Man. The Hollywood Reporter got the lowdown on the book from Shadmi himself, as well as an exclusive preview of the book ahead of its release.

“I was introduced to The Twilight Zone late in life, and felt a strong connection between some of the episodes and my own work,” Shadmi told THR via email. “I was curious about the life of the show's enigmatic creator/writer/presenter. The idea took awhile to come to fruition and when I was looking for my next graphic novel I finally took the time to read about him and was blown away. I did not know that he was such an important figure in the world of early Television. He had written some very important teleplays such as ‘Patterns’ and ‘Requiem for a Heavyweight.’ I was also fascinated from his war time stories, and what he had to go through at such a young age.”

The release of The Twilight Man follows the 60th anniversary of Serling’s signature achievement Oct. 2. To mark the dual dates, the Secret Movie Club — the monthly event held in the Vista Theater in Los Feliz — will be screening three classic episodes of the original series Oct. 20, with staff from The Twilight Man publishers Humanoids on hand to promote and sell the book. The poster for the event, featuring Shadmi’s art from the book, can be seen below.

(For those curious, the three episodes will be “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” “A Passage for Trumpet” and “The After Hours,” all from the show’s first season, and all written by Serling.)

When it comes to the longevity of Serling’s classic show, Shadmi believes it’s because the stories feel larger than their original context.

The Twilight Zone lives on because it has a timeless quality, the stories at their base deal with issues that are deeper than they seem,” he suggested, adding, “some episodes are so well written and well done that they prove to be more durable than other, much more contemporary shows in the genre.”

The Twilight Man will be released Oct. 8.