Classic 'Twilight Zone' Episodes Coming to Theaters for 60th Anniversary (Exclusive)

Twilight Zone 60th Special Event-The Eye of the Beholder-Publicity Still 2 - H 2019
Fathom is partnering with CBS Home Entertainment on the one-night only event.

Fathom and CBS Home Entertainment will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone by bringing digitally restored versions of six quintessential episodes to theaters across the country on Nov. 14.

The one-night only event will also include a new documentary short, Remembering Rod Serling. More than 600 cinemas will participate in The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration. Tickets go on sale Friday.

After combing through 156 episodes of the mind-bending series, which originally ran from 1959-1964, CBS curated shows that were noteworthy fan favorites. It's the first time any Twilight Zone episode has been presented on the big screen, according to Fathom.

“The incredible mind of Rod Serling led to some of the most indelible moments ever created for television, and selecting these episodes was both a great pleasure and a responsibility we took seriously, knowing how much the series means to generations of fans,” CBS Home Entertainment executive vp and general manager Ken Ross said Tuesday in a statement.

Added Fathom CEO Ray Nutt: “The Twilight Zone has inspired many filmmakers and storytellers, so it is a great honor to be able to bring these classic stories to the big screen, and to offer such an incisive look into the mind of the man who created them.”

The six episodes are “Walking Distance” (original airdate Oct. 30, 1959); “Time Enough at Last” (original airdate Nov. 20, 1959); “The Invaders” (original airdate Jan. 27, 1961); “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” (original airdate: March 4, 1960); “Eye of the Beholder” (original airdate Nov. 11, 1960); and “To Serve Man” (original airdate March 2, 1962).

The new documentary offers a look at the life experiences that inspired Serling’s unique blend of thought-provoking and visionary storytelling, from his time as a paratrooper in World War II to his early writing days in live television, and ultimately to the creation of the indelible TV series.