'Ultimate End' Closes a 15-Year Era of Marvel's Comic History

Ultimate End Cover - H 2015
<p>Ultimate End Cover - H 2015</p>   |   David Marquez/Marvel Entertainment
The 'Secret Wars' tie-in will bring an end to the Ultimate imprint

It's the end of an era in May, when Marvel launches the "Battleworlds" branding of its Secret Wars comic book event with the first issue of Ultimate End, a miniseries that will bring the company's Ultimate imprint to a close after 15 years.

The series will be created by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, the writer-artist team that launched the imprint with 2000's Ultimate Spider-Man series (The two creators also reteamed for 2011's "Death of Spider-Man" storyline, which led to the creation of Miles Morales, the fan favorite half-Latino, half-African-American currently calling himself Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe).

During a conference call to announce the Ultimate End series Wednesday, Bendis said that it was one of multiple projects tying in with the Secret Wars event that are "actually an event unto themselves," adding that "this would be its own event if there wasn't a Secret Wars. These are gigantic stories and very important, and what comes out the other side is going to be different."

What exactly will "come out the other side" remains a mystery, however, with the writer dodging a question about the ultimate fate of the Miles Morales character, saying that he feels "empowered" by the possibilities offered in the series. "You're going to get legitimate closure with a lot of characters," he promised. "It's very rare that you get the opportunity to wrap it up. It's like television, when you get a final season."

Ultimate End launches in May alongside the first two issues of the core Secret Wars series.

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