'Ultimate Spider-Man' to Gain Weekly Digital Comic Spinoff

As announced at this weekend's SXSW conference, Marvel will follow up digital series for "Wolverine" and "Iron Man" with one based on the Disney XD animated series.
Marvel Entertainment

Marvel plans to use the Internet to bring in a new generation of comic readers with the launch of a weekly digital comic book series based on the Disney XD Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

The 24-part series will be written by the team of Eugene Son, Matt Kindt, Cullen Bunn and Tim Seeley, with art by J.L. Mast, Geoffrey Beulieu, Luciano Vecchio and Soutchey Leimetry. This marks the publisher’s latest foray into the weekly original digital comic market following similar series for Wolverine, Iron Man, Deadpool, Daredevil and an upcoming Amazing Spider-Man run.

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Kristin Vincent, vp digital products for Marvel, said that the Ultimate Spider-Man digital series will appeal to fans of the cartoon because, although it’s not animated, “the storytelling just lends itself naturally to a tablet.” Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso agreed, saying that the series “will excite [kids] and it’s in a format they understand.”

No official release date was given for the new series, but its launch is anticipated later this year.