'The Union' Introduces New Superteam to Marvel's Comic Book Universe This May

Marvel Union - Publicity - H 2020
R.B. Silva/Marvel Entertainment
A five-part series will feature Britain's first line of superhero defense.

In the real world, the political fallout of recent political events — Brexit, last year’s general election — has put relations between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island into some jeopardy, but in the Marvel Universe, the union is apparently stronger than ever — as evidenced by the debut of a new British superhero team in The Union.

Debuting in a five-part series spinning out of the forthcoming Empyre storyline, The Union teams Union Jack — a hero who first appeared in 1976’s The Invaders No. 21 — with four all-new characters, each one representing different countries in the U.K.: Snakes from Northern Ireland, Kelpie from Scotland, The Choir from Wales and team leader Britannia.

The series will be penned by British writer Paul Grist, whose Image Comics series Jack Staff owes no small debt to Marvel’s Union Jack, with artist Andrew Di Vito providing interior artwork. R.B. Silva (Powers of X, X-Men) contributes both covers and character designs.

Plot details for The Union have not been released, but the series is an official spinoff from Empyre, a story described by Marvel as being "the Earth-shaking event of 2020" that will run across multiple series for a number of months, starting in April. It centers around the Avengers and Fantastic Four properties as well as a number of previous plotlines from Marvel's comic book history.

The Union No. 1 is set to be released digitally and in comic book stores in May.