'Unwind' Sci-Fi YA Novel to Be Adapted for Big Screen

Constantin Film has snagged the movie rights to the Neal Shusterman book, published in 2007.
Simon & Schuster

Constantin Film, the company behind the Resident Evil movies, has picked up the movie rights to Neal Shusterman's young adult science-fiction novel Unwind.

Published in 2007 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, the book is set in an America following a second Civil War, this time fought over abortion. Under a new law, no life can be taken until the age of 13, but from 13 to 17 parents and guardians can "unwind" any child they want. (Unwinding means harvesting a person’s organs.) The book focused on three teens, who were to be unwound for various reasons, on the run.

Unwind, translated into 11 languages, won many awards and was picked as one of the ALA Best Books for Young Adults. It was praised for tackling issues like abortion, adoption and religion and developed a strong following.

Shusterman, an author as well as a screenwriter, followed the book with a sequel, Unwholly, and a third one is in the works.

Unwind is the second book Constantin has picked up in December. Earlier in the month it acquired the rights to The Dog Stars, the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic debut novel by journalist Peter Heller.

Constantin film co-president Robert Kulzer brought the project to the company and will produce. Marc Benardout, Catherine Kimmel, Julian Stone and Charlotte Stoudt will also produce via Stay Whole Productions.

Shusterman is repped by APA and Underground.