Valiant Announces 'Armor Hunters' Summer 2014 Crossover Event

Armor Hunters Promo - H 2013
Jorge Molina/Valiant Entertainment
2014's crossover between "X-O Manowar" and "Unity" will see aliens invade Earth to claim the Manowar armor, the publisher reveals.

Just because we're currently living in the dying days of 2013 doesn't mean that it's too early to start thinking about the dangers awaiting us in the summer of 2014 -- especially if those dangers include alien races prepared to destroy the Earth to fulfill their aims, as Valiant Entertainment is promising in its 2014 crossover event Armor Hunters.

The four-issue series spins out of events in the monthly X-O Manowar series, and is written by that title's Robert Venditti, with art by Unity artist Doug Braithwaite. Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani promises that "X-O Manowar is about to find himself at the center of a firestorm embroiling all of Valiant's most powerful heroes," adding that the Armor Hunters series will be "the biggest and most daring undertaking" the publisher has attempted to date.

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Executive editor Warren Simons added that "2014 will be a year of all-new jumping-on points for Valiant, and Armor Hunters #1 is the perfect place to start." The storyline will run through the Armor Hunters series as well as issues of X-O Manowar and Unity, the latter series being one that includes characters from other Valiant series, including Eternal Warrior and Harbinger.

Ahead of the first issue of Armor Hunters, Valiant will release Valiant: Armor Hunters FCBD 2014 Special as part of the Free Comic Book Day event on May 3, 2014. That issue will feature interviews with Venditti, Braithwaite and other Valiant creators, as well as preview material from upcoming releases.

Armor Hunters #1 will be released in June 2014.